Hard-Start Kit

Save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill by installing a Hard-Start Kit on your HVAC unit.

What is a Hard -Start Kit & why do you need one?

A Hard-Start Kit is an additional component installed in HVAC systems to improve the starting performance of the compressor, particularly in instances where the system may struggle due to certain conditions such as low voltage or high head pressures.

What are the benefits of a Hard-Start Kit?

  1. Extended Compressor Life: By reducing the strain on the compressor during startup, hard-start kits can help prolong the lifespan of the compressor.
  2. Improved Startup Performance: Especially in conditions where the system may face challenges starting up, or you have a generator installed, the hard-start kit ensures smoother and more reliable startup operations.
  3. Energy Efficiency: By facilitating quicker startup, the kit can potentially contribute to energy savings by reducing the time and energy required to bring the system up to operating speed.

Testing your HVAC unit before the Hard Start Kit

Before installing the Hard start kit, we want to demonstrate how much energy [amps] your HVAC unit is pulling to start the unit. The higher your amps, the more energy your unit is using and the more money its costing you.

Our reading showed 129 amps. Which is very high!

The Installation

We can’t express enough the importance to have a professional install a Hard-Start Kit. These kits hold energy to aid your compressor to start; when anything holds power charge, there’s a chance to be electrocuted. It’s extremely dangerous if it’s not installed correctly.


The Before & After

After we installed the Hard-Start Kit on this HVAC unit, you can see a dramatic difference in amp draw from 129 to 78. This means, your compressor is not using as much energy to get started. This will prolong the life of your HVAC unit & save you money on electricity bills.

Lower your A/C Bills Today

In conclusion, this small device will prolong the life of your HVAC unit & save you money on electricity bills

“I’ve installed dozens of these on homes with generators and you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes in saving you energy. If you own a home with a generator, having a Hard-Start Kit is a must.”

David Smith

Owner | Austex Air Conditioning & Heating