The heating and air conditioning system is usually the greatest consumer of energy in your home. Keeping your system clean and tuned up will reduce your power bill and ensure safe, healthy operation. Preventing costly and inconvenient breakdowns will give you peace-of-mind heading into the hot summer or cold winter months.

We recommend having your system tuned-up in the spring and fall. See our specials for Tune-up coupons.

Austex is a full-service Heating & Air Conditioning Installation and Service company. Residential or Commercial, no job is too big or small. We install and service all major brands and manufacturers of equipment and specialize in filtration, air purification, and deodorizing systems. We install zone control systems and humidity control systems.

AC Tune-Up:

  • Check And Adjust Thermostat

  • Clean Return Air Grill

  • Replace Filter If Needed

  • Clean And Oil Blower Motor

  • Clear Condensation Drain Piping

  • Check All Electrical Parts

  • Test All Motors Amp Draws

  • Check Refrigerant Charge

  • Pressure Wash Condensing Coil

  • Tighten All Wire Connections

  • Remove Any Leaves Or Dirt

  • Test Temperature Differentials

  • Test All Safety Controls

Heating Tune-Up:

  • Vacuum Out Heating Unit

  • Clean & Adjust Burners

  • Check Heat Exchange Box

  • Check Temperature Rise

  • Check Ignition System

  • Inspect Venting System

  • Inspect Piping For Leaks

  • Oil And Clean Blower Motor

  • Check Motors Amp Draw

  • Check For Carbon Monoxide

  • Check Freon Charge

  • Test All Strip Heaters

  • Tighten All Wire Connections


  • AC Repair & Service

  • Heating Repair And Service

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Ducting Fabrication

  • Equipment Installation

  • Equipment Upgrades

  • Efficiency Checks

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • City Wide Dispatch

Peace of Mind

Planned Maintenance Program

The benefits of the program include; priority service customer, same day service, reduced cooling and heating costs, and 24/7 service at regular rates. The agreement is also transferable.

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