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Our Services

At Austex Air, we offer a wide variety of services to ensure your year-round comfort.

Our commitment to your comfort is reflected in a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate your home’s heating and cooling experience. From precise installations featuring top-tier Bryant HVAC units to proactive Preventative Maintenance Programs, we prioritize your system’s efficiency and longevity. When issues arise, our Repair Services deliver swift and expert solutions to keep your home comfortable year-round.

Backed by certifications and industry affiliations, our skilled technicians ensure that your satisfaction is not just met but exceeded. Explore our services and experience the Austex Air difference – where excellence in HVAC service is our promise to you.

David Smith owner of Austex air works on unit

David Smith owner of Austex air works on unit

One-Time Tune Up

Welcome to Austex Air Conditioning and Heating, your trusted partner for superior HVAC solutions in Georgetown, TX! Our ‘One-Time Tune-Up Service’ is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring your heating and cooling systems perform at peak efficiency all year round.

Experience the immediate benefits of lower energy bills, consistent comfort, and improved indoor air quality. Our professional Comfort Specialists ensure your system operates at peak efficiency, extending its lifespan and reducing the risk of breakdowns. Enjoy a quieter and safer operation, personalized recommendations, and the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained HVAC system.

happy customer calling Austex

happy customer calling Austex

HVAC Installations

Transform your home comfort with our premier HVAC Installation service in Georgetown, TX and surrounding areas. You Comfort Specialist team at Austex Air is dedicated to delivering a seamless and efficient installation experience. Expect precise assessments of your home’s unique needs, ensuring the perfect system for your space. From meticulous equipment installation to precise ductwork, we prioritize every detail for optimal performance.

Our installation service not only guarantees precise temperature control but also maximizes energy efficiency, providing long-term cost savings. Trust us for a professional, stress-free installation process that elevates your home’s comfort. Schedule your HVAC Installation with Austex Air Conditioning and Heating and embark on a journey to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

At Austex Air, we take pride in delivering exceptional comfort through the installation of Bryant HVAC units. Renowned for their reliability and cutting-edge technology, Bryant units ensure optimal performance for your home’s heating and cooling needs. Our skilled technicians are committed to providing a seamless installation experience, tailoring each setup to suit your specific requirements. To discover more about which Bryant unit is best for you, read our blog. Empower your home with top-tier HVAC solutions – choose Austex Air for unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Upgrade your HVAC unit image

Upgrade your HVAC unit image

Preventative Maintenance Program

Stay ahead of your HVAC needs with Austex Air’s Preventative Maintenance Program – a one-time fee that includes two visits a year, scheduled strategically in the spring and fall.

Our program ensures your system receives the care it deserves, preventing potential issues before they escalate. With our expert technicians at your service, you can trust in a reliable and efficient HVAC system year-round. Homeowners, take control of your comfort and avoid unexpected breakdowns – get ahead of your unit before it gets ahead of you. Learn more about our Preventative Maintenance Program benefits!

homeowner stressed about HVAC bill

HVAC Repair Services

When your HVAC system faces a hiccup, Austex Air is here to swiftly and expertly resolve any issues with our Repair Services. As your comfort specialists, equipped with extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art tools, we are ready to diagnose and fix problems, ensuring your home remains comfortable. We understand the urgency of a malfunctioning system, which is why we prioritize quick response times and efficient solutions. From minor repairs to more complex issues, trust Austex Air to bring your HVAC unit back to optimal functionality. Don’t let disruptions compromise your comfort – choose reliability, choose Austex Air for all your HVAC repair needs. Learn more about our Repair Services at

Austex fixes your HVAC unit

Austex fixes your HVAC unit

Our Accreditations

When you choose Austex Air Conditioning & Heating, you choose a team with the expertise and recognition that ensures your comfort is in the best hands. Explore our certifications to discover the mark of quality that defines us.

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